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Monday, May 27, 2013

Lovewell Pond... and Brownfield Bog

Body of Water: Lovewell Pond, Fryeburg,  ME [Maine Gazetteer Map 4]

Directions (from Portland, ME): Follow Rt 25 through Gorham and Standish.  Turn right onto Rt 113 through Hiram and Baldwin into Brownfield and then into Fryeburg.  Not far after the Fryeburg town line you will see the Fryeburg airport on your left, the boat launch will be shortly there after on your right.

The road to the boat launch is a dirt road.  

And you will pass by the Fryeburg Shooting Range

Boat Launch: The boat launch is wide, easy in and easy out!

Parking: There is room for quite a few vehicles/  I think any kind of trailer system would work.  It is accessible to large boats as well as kayaks/canoes.

Wildlife:  Birds, saw a heron and many other small birds, but the wind was so strong, I didn't see much!

Notes: There was a portable toilet here.

I put in at the boat launch intending to spend a lot of time here, but it was really windy, with really large waves and I was nervous.  I think the water was higher than normal too, as I felt like I was kayaking through a forest, which was kind of cool!  I didn't stay on the water long because I was afraid of the bigger waves and moved on to the Brownfield Bog, which was close by.  Here are some pictures though:

   The waves were some of the bigger ones I have been in, and I did not like it.  The wind was strong and I debated about whether or not I should stay.  (I definitely wore my life vest!) 

I did manage to get out of the wind a bit, but didn't have too much water to explore... 

Seems like the water level was high, don't think I could normally paddle through here. 

Heading back towards the boat launch, and the wind was picking up again...

There was some beautiful scenery, but I didn't get to enjoy it much... when I stopped paddling to take a picture, my boat got pushed back! 

Some of the White Mountains!  (and waves!) 

I think I will revisit here when it is not windy... 

So since I was in the vicinity I decided to try to return to the brownfield Bog... and I am glad I did.  It was a bit windy in some spots, but easy to navigate.  

Here are the directions from before, with some new pictures, AND a new sign which was very helpful! 

Body of Water: Brownfield Bog, Brownfield, ME [Maine Gazetteer Map 4, B2 ]

Directions (from Portland, ME): Follow Rt 25 through Gorham and Standish.  Turn right onto Rt 113 through Hiram and Baldwin into Brownfield.  Once the speed limit decreases you will be approaching an intersection, of 113 and 160.  Take Rt. 160 on the right.  Go over a bridge and 160 turns right, you need to stay straight onto Lord Hill Rd. Just after transitioning to Lords Hill Road   take an immediate left onto a dirt road, Bog Road, that looks like a driveway.   The dirt road is very narrow with lots of ruts and bumps.

Here is a picture of the signs... It is not far after you cross the bridge, go slowly!

 After you are on Lords Hill Road take the left onto an newly marked dirt road that looks like a driveway.  (This was NOT here last year!!  Makes it Much easier!)

The dirt road is very narrow with lots of ruts and bumps.  (There were some small cars parked there once we got in, but I think I would have been nervous about bottoming out in a small

Boat Launch: The put in spots are a bit narrow.  It's easy to get in to the water's edge.  I get into my kayak by wading into the water and sitting into my kayak as if it were a chair.  This spot was a little hard for that because the bottom was mucky, but I faced the fear of what would be in the muck and it was well worth it!

Parking: There is room for 8-9 vehicles, in a little loop/turnout area.  I think any kind of trailer system would be hard to navigate.  Much better for people who transport their kayaks on top of their vehicles.

Wildlife: Birds (many songbirds, red winged black birds, & blue heron), turtles (snapping and painted), and we got lucky last time I was here and saw a moose.

Notes: Other than the great outdoors, there are no bathroom facilities, and since this is a spot that is a bit off the beaten path, you may have to become one with nature. IMPORTANT: the put in and take out spots are pretty well blended into the rest of the trees.  It is important to give yourself a frame of reference so you can find your way back.  (Or hang something bright in the trees to find.)  I would suggest staying to the left once you put in.  Going to the left takes you out of the open bog area and into more of a channel with trees on either side.  (Follow the duck houses!)

Here are some pictures from today 5/27/2013:

The waters here were a lot more calm than on Lovewell Pond!  

From here I kept to the left shore, making sure I could find my way back!  
The left takes you into a narrow waterway, almost like a little river, and makes it easier to know where you are and where you are going.  

I went as far as I could without portaging, and then turned around.  

The little wind that was blowing was now at my back and it was a nice relaxing ride back! 

This was one of only two turtles I saw today!

This little chick was all by itself.  It was so cute and fluffy! 

I used that tall pine tree as a way to guide me back to the put in spots... remember it is important to know where you are on the body of water you are paddling!  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 Pictures.

I have had a few chances to kayak so far this spring.  I haven't been to any new places, yet, besides the places already listed... and thought I would share some pictures.

Here are some pictures from Sebago State Park   (click link for previous post including directions.)

And the following shots are from  Tenney Stream (Connects Crescent Lake and Panther Pond, click link to previous post and directions)
This is still one of my favorite spots to paddle, so quiet and peaceful.  I saw, for the first time, otters, playing here this spring.  Unfortunately my camera was not able to get any shots, but I will be returning and keeping my eyes open for them!  

There are so many painted turtles here, I love it! 

I had seen a goose on a nest here in years past and was not sure if I would get lucky but there she is!  Please note, I have a new camera with an even closer zoom... I was definitely giving this beautiful bird its space, and encourage others to do so as well.  I am out to enjoy nature, not to harass it, I value it too much.  

This is one of my friends, who is now going to buy a kayak of her own!  

More posts to come!