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One opportunity that the blog has brought me is the co-authoring of a guidebook, Paddling Southern Maine! It is something in which I take a lot of pride! My writing partner, Sandy Moore, and I have created a book with 54 amazing trips that are within about an hour of Portland! Our motto as we wrote the book was wanting to 'get people to spend the day on the water and not in their cars!'

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

First paddles for 2012

This post does not include my usual directions and information about parking because it is a familiar spot. 
My first 2012 paddle was on the Presumpscot River in Westbrook.  (Click for specific info.) 

Day 1 was March 18th.  Kayaking in Maine? In March?  Yup!  I was very excited.  It was a beautiful day.  
The first picture is a bit deceptive... the river was wide open, no ice, but in one of the offshoots of the river, there was a bit of ice.  A great photo opp!  

This is the tunnel, complete with beaver dam.  

My paddling buddy!  

My second day was March 22nd, a solo trip after work.  I saw a lot of wildlife.  

There were many ducks about.... 

The moss was very green and ferns were starting... 

On this trip, There was a critter on the beaver dam... Not sure if it was a beaver or a muskrat... I am leaning toward muskrat, but if it was, it was a BIG one. 

Then, a turtle poked its head above water!  Turtles? In March? 

A kingfisher...

Painted turtles enjoying the warm weather! 

I am so glad it is kayak season!  It is early to be on the water and people need to pay very close attention to being safe.  The water is still cold.   I have seen a few vehicles with kayaks on board, and each one makes me smile!  

Have fun & Be Safe!