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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tenny July

While it is only February, my thoughts are moving towards getting my kayak back on the water.  Truth be told this morning I looked at my snow covered yard and thought about taking one of my paddles from the basement and going out and sitting in the snow with it.  Crazy, right? Absolutely, but maybe it shows you how much I am missing my kayak.  So to get my kayaking fix I decided to look through some of my pictures and realized that some of the pictures I had taken in July were ones I had not posted on here... so here they are!  

I have posted the directions to Tenny Stream before, but in case you are curious click the link here: 

I hope my fellow kayakers can think about being in their boat in the midst of a hot July day as you look through the pictures below... 

As I entered the stream there was a loon there to greet me... 

After passing by the loon I came upon another paddler and he asked if I had gotten any good shots of it.  I told him I hoped so and we began comparing notes on the stream.  He has yet to see the otters there, though someone told him they saw them yesterday.  (He lives on one of the lakes that the stream connects.)  We talked about the loons and he told me that he found one of the loons a couple years ago, dead, and I wondered if the loon I had just seen was the widow/widower... I think our loon talk made him realize I was a regular in the area and he also told me about a rare plant that he had spotted and told me to find it... and I did... (But took this picture before, love the ferns here!) 

Here is the plant he told me about... called a pitcher plant... it is carnivorous... at the bottom of the plant are these tube things that collect water and the water traps insects and the plant eats them.

On this particular day there were many dragonflies surrounding me, there must have been thousands of them. 

And lots of lilies... 

This guy seemed to enjoy resting on my leg... love the colors! 

Notice the teal eyes...

This was one of two duck families..

The water was clear and  I could see many fish... this guy was pretty big.  

One of only two turtles today...

The dragonflies  didn't seem to mind me being around... I had to convince them to leave! 

This duck family had many babies.. they were cute to watch.. splashing around...

Bottoms up... they were searching for lunch... 

And were successful with their hunt... snails!!  I did not know they would eat snails! 

 It was a wonderful paddle....

I cannot wait to get back on the water!
38 days until spring!

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