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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The 2015 Season has begun!

I am so excited to be back on the water!  I have only been out twice so far this year, once on the Presumpscot in Westbrook and today on Tenny Stream in Raymond

These are places I have posted directions and descriptions to before.  Follow the links above to find the directions.

Here are some pictures of the season so far!  Enjoy!  I will be trying to get on the water a lot this spring/summer and am hoping to add some new destinations.  Please reach out with any questions and comments!

Here are just a few pics from the Presumpscot:

I had never seen a snapping turtle in this river and have wondered if they were in the river.  My question was more than answered.  I saw one about two feet long.  Later we got pretty close and he stuck his head out of the water and his head was as big if not bigger than my fist.  They look so prehistoric!  

The tunnel I love... I have heard that they are going to remove the dam at Sacarrapa Falls and that will lower the level of the water in the river.  I am worried that this tunnel will no longer be accessible.  I know the intentions are to help the fish, but I have been on this river a lot and would say that it is a pretty healthy river as is... 

What do you call a group of turtles? A herd? 

This is on the other side of the tunnel from the river... it is a habitat for turtles, frogs, and herons... I hope it doesn't dry up with the anticipated changes.. 

And from today's paddle on Tenny Stream, which was so full of turtles it may be worth renaming Turtle Stream...

Look closely... there is a nesting goose in the center of this photo... her right side is towards us and her black neck/head is peering at us from behind her body... 

Here is the same angle, zoomed  in...  I knew to look here as I have seen this goose or this pair of geese several years, nesting in the same spot.  It is well hidden, but I know where to look.  Today I watched as other paddlers and boats went by her and never noticed her.  Good job Momma!


I know I post lots of turtle pictures, but I love them! 

I wonder if this is the same bent shelled turtle I have seen before... same stream??

Turtle palooza! 

The winter was unkind to many trees in the forest.  Many trees had fallen into the water.  This small oak tree had lots of acrons still clinging on... 

I think he is thinking... You can't see me!

On my way out I passed her again and she had changed positions... she was looking right at me... and sat so so still... amazing.  

I was using the furthest zoom on my camera to get this shot.  I was far enough away from her to give her plenty of space.  Remember, RESPECT the wildlife!  This is their home... we are visiting! 

I have never had the chance to get pics of a pair of wood ducks.  They sat on this log for a while preening themselves.  Very pretty. 

Remember all your safety measures as you get back on the water including wearing your life jacket and bringing plenty of water... let people know where you are going and keep an eye to the sky! 

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