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Friday, August 5, 2016

Tenny River, Raymond (Again!)

I returned to Tenny River tonight!  I have posted this location before, so will just share the photos tonight.  If you want information about directions/parking, etc.  Click HERE.

Tenny Stream is one of my favorite places and I had not yet gotten there this season!  Tonight I was in need of some time to decompress a bit and this was the perfect place to do it.  I got to spend time with a heron who kept crossing my path.  He was beautiful. (I am posting a lot of pictures of him.. be forewarned!) 

Not long after launching, looking over Crescent Lake. 

Heading into the river 

Going through the tunnel I noticed the spiderwebs... (good thing they were well above my head!)

I zoomed in... looks like they are doing a good job catching bugs! 

They posed so nicely! 

A teal dragonfly!  

The light was so pretty on the water tonight! 

Look at how clear the water is!  

Well Hello Regal Heron! 

Never quite as regal looking at me straight on... 

I sat and watched him for a while.  (I thought it was nice he posed in a ray of sunshine!)  He preened himself which I had never seen a heron do to this extent.  It was fun to watch.  

After preening he hopped off the branch..and blended in with the reeds... 

But I still saw him!  I never realized they had that design on the back of their heads... looks like a Y or maybe a heart if you really stretch it.  


Musk turtle... (a type of snapping turtle which I have read gives off quite a stink if it is feeling threatened.) 

This trio was soaking up the last rays of the day. 

Another angle of the musk turtle. 

The wind came up as I was paddling.  The breeze felt great!  But you can see the difference between the calm waters of the river and the choppy water in panther pond.  I stayed in the river! 

On my way back, I spotted the heron again... can you see him?

I had never seen a heron do this... he puffed out all of his feathers after catching and eating a fish.  Pretty cool! 

Beautiful reflections tonight! 

Ahhh... so much peace here.  I Love Tenny River!

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