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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Presumpscot River - Westbrook (Trip 20 in the book)

Body of Water: Presumpscot River [ Maine Gazetteer Map 5, 3E. Also look for the Westbrook map in the back of the gazetteer, which shows Lincoln St.]

Directions (From Portland, ME):  Head West on Rt. 25 (Brighton Avenue) towards Westbrook/Gorham.  Pass Kohl's plaza on Rt. 25 coming into Westbrook.  You will pass Amato's on your left and McDonald's on your right.  Stay straight.  Pass Dairy Queen on your left, go straight at the light.  You will come into a rotary type traffic pattern.  You will take the third off option to stay on Rt. 25, Almost going around Rite Aid.   (passing up the option to turn onto Warren Ave. and River Road by the mill).  Stay on Rt 25 coming into Main St. Westbrook. (Subway and Riverfront park on your right, then Cumberland Farms & Dunkin Donuts on left)  At light by post office & Big Apple, go straight.  Come down into Main St.  Turn Right at the light onto Bridge St.  (just beyond CVS, Fajita Grill/Frog & Turtle restaurants)

Once on Bridge St. You will pass mill on left.  Once Bridge St. begins to curve to the right, you will turn Left onto Lincoln St.  You will pass some condos on your left and will see an outdoor hockey rink.  You will park here, at the hockey rink. 

Boat Launch: This is a carry in boat launch.  There is a wide path that leads to the river, passing by the side of the hockey rink.  You will walk to the river and the boat launch itself is dirt.  You can not see the river from the parking area, but once you walk towards the river you will easily find your way.  It is a bit of a walk to the river from the parking area. (This time of year this path is pretty muddy.  It looks like someone had tried to get in there with a vehicle when it was too careful!) 

Parking: Free.  There is a lot of parking available next to the hockey rink.

Wildlife: Turtles, Ducks, many birds, deer,  beavers (I did not see any beavers, but saw signs!)  Great plant life, including pink lilies, late August/Early September. 

Notes: This is one of my frequent destinations.  It is close to home and I always see something different!  I have posted this spot often on the blog so won't go into too many details, but I will say the water level was the highest I have seen least while paddling.  I was able to access places I usually cannot.  I also had a better view of the farmland up the river a bit being up a bit higher than usual.

Things still look so drab, but the buds are ready to explode.  With a few sunny days the leafs will be out and the reeds will begin to grow.

The high waters gave opportunities for exploration off the main part of the river.  

Yay!  The turtles were out! 

I love texture...and the intricacies of this root system with the reflection was something that caught my eye.  

This is a spot off the river which is usually so filled with reeds that it is not possible to get in there, but I paddled around quite a bit back there... 

Oooooooh!  There she is... my favorite tree!  She is still standing...and ready to bloom! 

As I paddled I saw this feather caught in the tree... it was a pretty feather... 

I see signs of beaver on this river often, but have only seen a beaver once or twice.  

 This was on the other side of the tunnel.  (The tunnel pic won't upload for some reason!)  

This guy seemed to have no fear.  

It was nice to see the grass greening up so nicely.  I also liked that there was a canoe propped up against that fence.  I did not see any cows... 

but off in the distance I saw four deer.  

I had to zoom way in to get these shots... sorry they are not better! 

So even though the temps were up, the sun was a bit shy... by the time I got back to my split tree the sun was hiding a bit... but I like how the tree looks here...

On my approach to the take out the sun finally came out and it was beautiful!  I am so happy to be on the water again!  I loved my new ride up the river as well... I did use the console on the dashboard, but did take off the water bottle holder and it worked better... I am still not sold on having it on all the time, but... I can see some benefits to it!  (I was able to set my camera on it to get some nice videos!)  

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