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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NEW Launch on the Presumpscot River, Gorham/Shaw Park Stretch

The Presumpscot River, the Gorham Stretch that is also accessible from Shaw Park has a new launch!  

For previous posts about this part of the river, launching from Shaw Park can be found here .  

This new launch accesses the same beautiful stretch of the river, up to the covered bridge. 

Directions to the new launch are as follows: 
From Westbrook take River Road towards Windham.  At the intersection of River Road and Rt. 202 go straight.  Not far after the intersection turn left onto Gambo Road.  Follow the signs for the Mountain Division Trail/Soccer fields.  Drive by the soccer fields and head down towards the river.  

You will see this sign on the right, just before a small parking area:

As you get closer to the water there is a nice place to unload/turn around.  There are no signs yet, about parking, but I assume this area will not be for parking, but for unloading/turning. 

This is looking down at the river just above the turn around spot.

 This is the launch... nice grooved cement... and as you can see it is for hand carry only. 

This is looking across the river at Shaw Park.  You can see the picnic tables, and if you look closely they still have their canoes out.  (would be a GREAT way to go up the river and enjoy the foliage this weekend!) 

This is a view of the river I took tonight from the RR trestle/bridge. The new launch is just to the left of the photo. 

This is Miss Gladys, who was not impressed with being above the river... she prefers being in a kayak on the water!  I couldn't resist sharing these!!  We walked on the Mountain Division Trail tonight which, if you haven't walked it, is a beautiful walk along old railroad tracks. 

 "Don't look down she said... "

"I looked down, I looked down!!! I shouldn't have looked down!"  

"What heights? Did you see the size of the squirrel?"

 "I was never scared..."

 "This is more like it... Where's the kayak?"

"I am sad kayaking season is coming to a close.. but do I ever love this cooler weather!"

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