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Sunday, July 31, 2011

North Pownal, Maine: Runaround Pond

Body of Water: Runaround Pond, North Pownal, Maine.  [Maine Gazetteer Map 5, B5, close to the edge of the page]

Directions (From Portland, ME): I have yet to find the most efficient way to get to this pond, but it is worth the drive! Take the Maine Turnpike (I-95) to Gray, exit 63.
Turn Right to a funky intersection, you want to get on Rt. 115 towards Yarmouth. (You will kind of be going straight through the intersection.) After about 1.5 miles you will turn left onto Depot Rd. Stay on Depot Rd. until it intersects with Rt. 231 take a left onto 231 and take an immediate right onto Allen Rd. (There is no sign that says Allen Rd.) You will be across from Pineland, passing one of their gardens on your left.) Stay on Allen Road until it ends, passing an electrical station, turn right onto Fickett Rd. At next intersection there will be North Pownal General Store. Go straight putting you on Runaround Pond Rd. Runaround Recreational area will be on your left in about two miles.

Boat Launch: Called Runaround Pond Recreational Area, just off Runaround Pond Road.  Launch site is dirt/gravel. 

Parking: Free. There is no formal parking lot, people park along the ‘driveway’ that leads to the boat launch.  There is a good amount of space for parking. 

Wildlife: Turtles, dragonflies, blue herons, and ducks.  Also many lily pads! 

Notes: There is a port-a-potty at this site. This pond feels more like a lazy river, meandering through the forest. You feel like it will never end. As the summer progresses, the lily pads and other water plant-life gets pretty thick, making the pond seem more narrow. When you enter the pond, you can go under Runaround Pond Road into a pretty cool gorge area, just be aware that there is a dam at the far end of that passageway. Depending on the amount of rain/water levels, there may or may not be a current there. Use caution near the dam. There are some blueberry plants along the rocks in the launch area.

A blue heron in flight!

 A snapping turtle taking in the sights, look at those claws!
 The blue heron was hiding in the flowers, but I spotted him anyway! Good camouflage. 
 After putting in turn left to go under this bridge. 
This will take you into the 'gorge' area mentioned above. 
Remember to watch the current as you get close to the dam. 
Beautiful nature!
This is what the pond looks like, what you cannot see is that the pond twists and turns:

Baby Painted Turtle!
This picture was taken in 2009 when a group of my friends visited Runaround Pond for the first time. 
You can paddle through the weeds, but it is easier to go through the more open water!
Reward yourself after a paddle with some fresh blueberries.  (Late July)

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