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Monday, July 4, 2016

Stump Pond, Lincoln Maine

Body of Water: Stump Pond, Lincoln, Maine [Maine Gazetteer,  map 44, E1]
*Some maps show this as Snag Pond

Directions: From Bangor, drive north on I95 and take Exit 227 (Lincoln, Mattawamkeag Exit) Bear right off the off ramp onto the Access Rd. for about 4 miles.  Turn Left onto Rt. 2 East.  Stay on Rt. 2 for about a mile and a half.  At the light in the center of Lincoln (view of Mattanawcook Lake in front of you) turn left to stay on Rt 2 and drive for 2 miles staying straight through Lincoln's downtown area.  Then turn right onto Frost Street.  After about a half mile the parking area will be on the left.

Boat Launch: Gravel, gradual decline into the water.  There is room for trailered boats to enter the water here, park to keep that space available.

Parking:  The ramp/parking area is one and the same.  there is room for 4 to 6  cars (without trailers and parked closely to one another.

Wildlife:  Loons, ducks, fish, eagles, likely deer. 

Notes: Use caution when pulling out from this parking area.  Traffic is hard to see and it is hard for them to see you!  I had been planning to come to this area to spend a few days with my dad and step mom over the fourth of July.  I had planned to use their house as base camp and take day trips to see what I could see.  I realized that the town in which I grew up, Lincoln-the town of 12 or 13 lakes, is a place where I have not kayaked!  As a kid, the lakes in this area were places I visited with friends and went swimming or maybe got to ride on them in a boat, but have never explored them, the way I like to explore places.  So, before coming up, my goal was to get to 5 or 6 new spots in and around Lincoln.  As it worked out, as you may have read in my last post, my dad had a heart attack.  So, the plan to be around was the same, but the focus of the trip has obviously not been on kayaking.  That being said, Dad is doing well (so lucky!) ...and today was the second day of being home.  He is in good hands with my step mom, so I decided to go paddling this afternoon, thinking that I would be easily accessible via cell, if I was needed.  Turns out there was no cell service or a very weak signal here, but all is well.  I am happy to share some of the beauty of my hometown!  I now live in the greater Portland area, so most of my posts are from there, but I hope to expand my destinations a bit!  Please enjoy!  

This is the dam at the southeast end of the pond, taken from Frost Street.  (I used to ride bikes by this dam with a friend on our way to a local store, Howard Annis', now closed,  to get candy and soda!) 

After getting on the pond, I paddled in front of the dam to get to the far shore. My plan was to follow the shore all around the pond.  (I almost made it all the way around, but was worried about being gone for too long and ended up cutting across the pond after probably going around 3/4 of it ..)

 This is the view looking out towards the more open part of the pond form the small area by the launch site.

Windmills off in the distance... 

There was a pair of loons here.  I did not see a baby.  

It didn't take me long to realize this was going to be a beautiful place to explore.  Loyal readers know I like places that require a bit of exploring vs more open areas.  This pond is pretty open, but the edges of it have the plant life that is found in more narrow places. 

And these guys were EVERYWHERE! 

If you look closely you can see that almost ever reed has a dragonfly on it.  They must have just hatched.  There were thousands!  It was pretty amazing! 

Look at all of those wings! 

There is a momma duck and babies hidden in those plants! 

My camera had a smudge on the lens, but I love this photo for some reason... 

This eagle was in a tree above me and swooped down in front of me and flew across the pond.  I forget how big they are until they are right there!  

This is the back corner of the pond.  This is where the name Stump Pond comes from!  (At least I assume so!)  

Looking across the pond back towards Frost Street.  

It was cool to look up into the field in the back, beyond the road... I used to go snowmobiling in that field!  

As a kid I remember coming here with my dad for the first use of his boat some springs... but I did not remember how pretty it is.   As I left today, Dad told me I would likely find blood suckers... which I hate by the way... I didn't get any on me, but when I loaded my kayak there were a couple on the bottom of it!  But, this place is well worth it!   Being able to paddle on a place I grew up passing so often was a treat!  It makes me look forward to more 'hometown' paddles! 

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