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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Where to Paddle Next? Seeking Suggestions... Please Help!

On this cold and dreary summer day I have been looking at maps and planning my next paddling adventure.  While I love returning to some of my favorite places like Tenny Stream (which I have yet to get to this year!!)  and the Presumpscot in Westbrook, I am also always looking for new places to go and for places to share here.  

What are YOUR favorite places to paddle? 
Email me at or leave a comment! 

Maybe I will check them out and do a post about them!  (I have a few on the horizon, just need to have a day where I am not working and the weather cooperates!)  

In the meantime I found myself looking at some kayaking photos that brought a smile to my face and I thought I would share.  

This first one... makes me smile and I remember how much my cheeks hurt from laughing that weekend.  This was taken in NH on Lake Winnipesaukee a few years ago.  It was an event called Lakefest in which the NH Lakes Association (click here for their facebook page) was attempting to break the world record for the number of canoes/kayaks on one body of water at one time.  While we had quite a crew, thousands of paddlers attended (see second photo) and it was a lot of fun.  We had spent the night before the big event at one of my friend's parents' house and told stories and laughed all night.  It was an amazing time.  I love the memories kayaking has given me. 

This is a more recent photo... a group selfie with an amazing crew of women.  We have spent a lot of time on the water together and share a lot of laughter as we enjoy the beauty of Maine.  

This crew... These are my nephews and their mom, my sister.  The boys are getting so tall and I am grateful that they have indulged my love of kayaking by paddling with me from time to time.  I am lucky they like to spend time with me (we get time together every summer, just me and them!) .  I also hope that one day they each own a kayak and find places to explore where they can find the peace and happiness this sport brings to me.

This is a pic my sister took, me with my nephews watching seals as we kayaked... Love this photo... 

I hope people are enjoying the rainy day.  I know a few people braved the temps and rain today to get out on the water!  Perhaps I will follow suit tomorrow!  

Please send me emails or comment on places I should paddle!!  I would love to learn about more beautiful places! 

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  1. I usually combine kayaking with fishing and hiking and my favorite place is Flagstaff Lake on the North side of Bigelow Preserve. I know the lake isn't an entirely natural lake and the fishing is not very good but the scenery is breathtaking, the Appalachian Trail nearby with lots of camping spots along the way. The lake is shallow and warm, too warm for fish I gather, and there are numerous little islands with sandy beaches and dense forests filled with all sorts easily identifiable edibles. Spent four days there last year and wish I could go right now.