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Monday, May 9, 2022

A Pristine Pond...


Body of Water:  In order to learn about this pond, Turner Pond in Polermo, and get directions, you need to email me, I don't keep too many places top secret, but this place... hush hush!
Directions: Gotta ask me!
Parking:  Side of the road
Launch: gradual, gravel/sand after a short driveway.

Fees:  none
Bathroom: none
Wildlife: Loons, beavers, snake, hummingbird, deer, and likely so much more!

Notes: I got a chance to paddle an AMAZING place last summer.  It was so amazing... felt so untouched... that I have debated about how much information to share about it.  The launch is public... but it is surrounded by private property with A LOT of signage indicating it was private property.  My friend and paddling buddy, Donna, was with me.  We spotted some 'locals' sitting on their porch and Donna asked them about the launch.  

We learned that the people who own the property around the launch got very sick of finding trash and other things in that area.  The land was being disrespected and so they posted that the property is private.  The launch is part of a fire road and therefore accessible by the public, but I debated about using the launch because the people nearby had obviously tried to deter people from using it.  When we were getting off the pond a father and son were getting ready to launch to go fishing... that made me feel better about having used it... so if you do go here... be super mindful of your presence (as we all need to be always) and park at your own risk.

When I say pristine - i mean ... there was no trash anywhere in the pond... there were indications that other people are there at times, but we saw no other humans!  

How cool is this Rock island?


Pup's gotta nap when she's tired!


Jerky in a kong bone? Yes please!


Time for lunch? Did you say lunch? I think you said lunch!


Fresh wild blueberries!


This snake was a big one! At first I thought it was dead... but it was very much alive!

This place was incredible. Truly a hidden gem!!  I hope to get back there this summer!

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