Thursday, April 5, 2012

First paddles for 2012

This post does not include my usual directions and information about parking because it is a familiar spot. 
My first 2012 paddle was on the Presumpscot River in Westbrook.  (Click for specific info.) 

Day 1 was March 18th.  Kayaking in Maine? In March?  Yup!  I was very excited.  It was a beautiful day.  
The first picture is a bit deceptive... the river was wide open, no ice, but in one of the offshoots of the river, there was a bit of ice.  A great photo opp!  

This is the tunnel, complete with beaver dam.  

My paddling buddy!  

My second day was March 22nd, a solo trip after work.  I saw a lot of wildlife.  

There were many ducks about.... 

The moss was very green and ferns were starting... 

On this trip, There was a critter on the beaver dam... Not sure if it was a beaver or a muskrat... I am leaning toward muskrat, but if it was, it was a BIG one. 

Then, a turtle poked its head above water!  Turtles? In March? 

A kingfisher...

Painted turtles enjoying the warm weather! 

I am so glad it is kayak season!  It is early to be on the water and people need to pay very close attention to being safe.  The water is still cold.   I have seen a few vehicles with kayaks on board, and each one makes me smile!  

Have fun & Be Safe!