My Book!!

One opportunity that the blog has brought me is the co-authoring of a guidebook, Paddling Southern Maine! It is something in which I take a lot of pride! My writing partner, Sandy Moore, and I have created a book with 54 amazing trips that are within about an hour of Portland! Our motto as we wrote the book was wanting to 'get people to spend the day on the water and not in their cars!'

If you want more information on our book please visit Sandy and I are available to attend/present various functions/events. Please email me at for more information!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

ALmost time to start the promotional part of things!!

Things are getting EXCITING!  

We got information from our publisher about the publicity that has been started for the book!  
As a reminder, the book is available for pre-sales and will be on shelves in late March/early April.  
I cannot wait to have a copy in my hands!!  

To pre-order check out the links below: 

Mountaineers (Publisher's website) - Click here

Amazon - Click Here

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A new addition! (or two)

I hope everyone is enjoying winter and counting down the days until  we can once again paddle our favorite ponds/lakes/rivers/streams!  

Spring arrives in 60 days from today!!! I, for one, am ready!!  

As we head into another paddling season I am going to be starting an entirely new chapter for me.  (Chapter... a book reference, wink wink!)  I have decided to adopt a dog! 

This is us, last weekend.  She comes home for good on Friday and I am very excited! 

I have never had a dog, so this is going to be an entirely new experience.  I am sure there will be challenging moments, but I am hoping for wonderful moments as well.  This girl does not yet have her forever name... but that will come.  She is 9 months old and I was told she is an australian shepherd mix, but she is very fluffy and looks like she has some golden retriever in her... at least to me.  I don't know a ton about her, she is a rescue pup, but one of the things the rescue organization knows about her is that she loves water and were hoping to find someone for her who also loves the water... that's me!  

So... as winter finishes up I will be working with this lovely lady, training her to respond well to me and my commands...hoping to get her to come paddling with me without tipping us over.  

Because I am not a small person... I am 6'6"... so my legs need a lot of room!  I am looking for a new kayak that will accommodate both of us.(my second addition)  I have some options in mind... the new Old Town Loon 126... the cockpit is listed as being a bit longer than my loon 138... so that is my top choice... but will need to see how we both fit... my back up plan is to look into some tandem kayaks that are proven to track well when paddled by one person.  (If you have any suggestions I would appreciate hearing from you! Please comment or send me an email!)  
 (Also taking name suggestions for my new furry friend... I have a couple of names I am considering, but would love something related to kayaking/paddling/water!)  

So... I am hoping this lovely lady gets used to being in a kayak with me... so that I can have enough confidence to take my camera with me!  (That reminds me... I need to look into some waterproof bacs for my camera!)  

In book news, yesterday we received a packet from our publisher.  (I love saying that we have a publisher!!)  It included their (Mountaineers Books) spring/summer catalog which goes out to bookstores.  Our book is available for pre-order on Mountaineers Website as well as  on Amazon... it will be out in time for paddling season!!  

Click here to access Paddling Southern Maine on Amazon