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One opportunity that the blog has brought me is the co-authoring of a guidebook, Paddling Southern Maine! It is something in which I take a lot of pride! My writing partner, Sandy Moore, and I have created a book with 54 amazing trips that are within about an hour of Portland! Our motto as we wrote the book was wanting to 'get people to spend the day on the water and not in their cars!'

If you want more information on our book please visit Sandy and I are available to attend/present various functions/events. Please email me at for more information!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mere Point, Brunsiwck

Last weekend when it was Summer in September I went paddling with my writing partner, Sandy, and our new friend FitMaine.  (If you have not checked her out, you need to!)  Check out her website here and follow her on social media if you want to fill your newsfeeds with things that will make you smile!  

For this post I am not including directions and all the details I usually do... I promised Sandy and our publisher that I wouldn't post all the information about all the destinations that are in our book... and this is one of those trips! If you want that info, it is trip #25 in our book!  

*This was my first time paddling here.  Sandy and I worked together on the book and have both done about 2/3 of the trips... She had done the write up for Mere Point and I remember reading it and wanting to paddle here...I must say this was a trip that reaffirms, even for me, that our book has AMAZING places to explore.  I know...shameless self promotion, but in all seriousness... our book provides FIFTY FOUR places to paddle that are so close to Portland... they are all beautiful places.  
If you haven't checked out our book yet, please do so!  

If you want to see what the press has said about the book go to

Enjoy the photos!  

The water was sooo calm!  Apparently this is not always the case so, be careful!

Some friendly fishermen!  

Why is it that photos of empty floating boats are so peaceful?

So. Many. Cormorants!

My paddling partners, Sandy (in yellow) and Shannon!

A little black and white photo...

I think this was Crow Island... 

Love the colors and textures of the seaweed...

This is not a live horseshoe crab... just it's skeleton... I took it back to the marine biology teacher at my school for her students to study!

It was a beautiful experience!  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lake Pennesseewasee, Norway, MAINE... and some bonus pics of the pup!

Body of Water: Lake Pennasseewassee, Norway, ME

Directions: From Portand take 95 north to the Gray Exit (Exit 63) Turn left on Rt. 115 for 0.3 miles, then turn right onto Rt 26.  Stay on Rt. 26  for 26 miles (passing through Poland, Oxford, and into Norway) then turn left onto Main St. (118) Drive for just under 3 miles and the public boat launch will be on the right (not long after the rest area is on your left) 

Boat Launch/Parking: I did not launch from the public launch so I am not sure.  I know there was a sign for the public boat launch, but I launched from a friend's camp. 

Notes: Earlier in the week a good friend of mine texted to see if I wanted to paddle today.  I said YES!  I didn't care where we were going I was just excited to get on the water.  She said her brother had a place on Lake Pennesseewasee in Norway and I said I was in!  I had never heard of the lake, let alone go there!  It was beautiful!  We only did about a third of the lake or so... maybe a bit more... I definitely want to come back and do more.  The southeastern part of the lake looks a bit more marshy... which you know for me makes me think even more wildlife! 

This lake is beautiful!  The people who have a place there said that most of the lake is pretty shallow, but does have a deep basin closer to the south.  Apparently there is great fishing here, including salmon.  We did not see any, but the camp owners have seen mink here, several!  They say that mink spray like skunks? I had no idea!  There were a few islands to paddle around and the hillsin the background were just gorgeous.  

I must also say that the drive there is just beautiful.  Driving through the hills in Poland, passing lower and middle Range Ponds was very nice.  The downtown area of Norway is ADORABLE ! There is a lot there.  I wish I had more time to explore there.  I hope to come back soon to do the other part of the lake AND to shop on Main Street.  

I HIGHLY recommend this paddle! Not just because it's name is fun to Say!  Here are some pics!

 This is a pic I took just to make sure I got my camera going, but I really love the colors in the water!

We headed north and could see the hills/mountains in the distance.  I bet the colors will be vibrant in a couple weeks! 

Someone was ready for winter! 

The water was pretty calm.  This lake is narrow and long.  Two of our fellow paddlers were on paddleboards and did well.  We had some other boat traffic though, so... it could be tricky!  

It truly felt like summer today!! 

Loved the texture in the water! 

There was these cool split rocks... we went between! 

We saw a family of eagles...FOUR bald eagles!  They were loud and so fun to watch! 

I experimented with some black and white pics... I like them! 


The view of the lake from the rest area!

Trip TWO of the day involved my pup, Gladys! 
We went to the Presumpscot right in Westbrook.  This is the first time I took her there...first time I took her to a place where I couldn't see the bottom! Gaining trust in her and in our kayaking routine... feels good! 
Hoping that I can do more trips with her and then start bringing my camera.  I use my phone when I have her.  I want to be able to take her on the majority of trips so need to make sure she won't get the camera wet by jumping in!  Today was progress in that trust! 

This was her position most of the trip!

So incredibly content! 

In front of my favorite tree!

Apparently this is her kayak...and I only paddle here! 

She sat up in the tunnel... and was sniffing the air...

I hope people are enjoying the final days of summer and are looking forward to fall paddling!
Happy Paddling!