Saturday, March 12, 2016

Church of the Double Bladed Paddle

Speaking of Social media... I have recently discovered a great group on facebook called Church of the Double Bladed Paddle.  If you are already on facebook, consider joining this group, click here for their page.

The page is a place where paddlers, worldwide, share their kayaking experiences.  It is amazing to see all of the beautiful places people are paddling. 

One reason I like it is that while I am not a religions person I do feel a feeling of spirituality while on the water and have often said that being out in nature, in my kayak, is my version of church.  So far my experience with the group people there have similar feelings.  They do refer to paddling as going to church, and refer to the other people in the group as the congregation or as brothers and sisters.  As a non-church goer I find this endearing...and feel like I found 'my people.!" 

They have these great decals that you can buy to put on your vehicles or on your kayak!  (the teal is the background, the stickers are not teal.