Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello out there!   What a fall we had!  I wish I had not put my kayak away when I did because I may have tried to get out on the water right before Christmas.  Who would think that Christmas in Maine would be kayaking weather? I have seen some  photos where people did get out in their boats and I was very jealous! 

As the cold settles in I find myself still thinking about kayaking.  I am spending time this winter researching many of the areas about which I have posted and am fascinated by what I am learning.  Maine is such an amazing place to live with such rich history!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and finds a winter activity to keep you busy as we pass the time until we can get our boats back on the water!!! 

I don't know this person and hope that he is okay with me posting this photo.  It is one of the pictures I saw posted on local media stations at Christmas.  This one was posted here, on wmtw's website on the ULocal section.  The Caption is: Craig Washburn in Christmas Boat Parade in Kayak in Conway NH... and was posted by DouglasKPoor... 

I don't know who you are Douglas, but I loved the photos you posted.  They made me smile! Thanks to Craig for glamming up his kayak for the holiday season and to you for sharing it!  I hope it's okay that I posted it here...

Happy Winter fellow paddlers!