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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Presumpscot River, Westbrook, Fall paddling

I have posted this spot before, but had the opportunity to paddle there today and thought some of the pictures were worth posting.  It was a great morning for a paddle.  It was a bit chilly, so dressing appropriately was important and I put extra emphasis on my life jacket!  This morning was a GREAT reminder that no matter how hectic life gets, I NEED time in my kayak! It is so beneficial for me.  I am not looking forward to the end of the season...keeping the yaks on my truck until it seems really ridiculous...

Enjoy the pictures!  (To find directions to this area, CLICK HERE.)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Crystal Lake, Gray, Maine

This post is another blast from the past.  I paddled here in April of 2012, but didn't post it.  Read the notes section for more information on that.

Body of Water: Crystal Lake, Gray, ME [Maine Gazetteer Map 5, B3 ]

Directions (from Portland, ME): From Portland head north on 95 (Maine Turnpike)  and take Exit 63 Gray/New Glouster.  Off the exit bear right into the center of Gray, follow signs for Rt. 26.  (The intersection in Gray is funky, with Rts. 115, Rt. 4, Rt. 26, and Main street, you will be turning left onto Rt. 26. You will pass the Maine Wildlife Park (Gray Animal Farm).  Keep your eyes open for a left turn for North Raymond Road.  (There is currently a small convenience store at the corner)  Turn LEFT onto North Raymond Road. You don't go very far before seeing the lake and then turn Right onto Mayberry Rd.   Parking is on the left across the road from the lake.  

Boat Launch: Boat launch site is from Wilkies Beach.  (I think it is most used by townspeople, but it was accessible for us!)  The put in is easy in and easy out.  Gravel entry, gradual slope.
Hours of operation noted on the sign say: 
May - September 5:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. October - April, Sunrise to sunset.  

Parking: There were a lot of spaces available for parking.  I would say about 15 vehicles, maybe more can park here.  I am sure in the summer it is a lot busier, but in early spring it was empty!

Wildlife: We saw a duck.  I am sure in the summer there is more wildlife than we saw!

Notes: No fees.  No bathrooms.
Crystal Lake... in Gray... I hesitated about putting it on here or not.  As most of my readers know I like places that are quiet, serene, and perhaps a bit isolated.  I also like places where I can explore off shoots and find places that feel unexplored.  Crystal Lake is not one of those places.  However, I also know that other people have different preferences, so decided to post it. (One of the friends who was with me had heard about it from other people as one of the places they LOVE to paddle.)   I didn't take many pictures, but will share what I have.  (They are not great quality.)  There are few places along the lake that are not waterfront properties, many many houses/camps.  I didn't feel like that pictures of people's houses was what I wanted to share.  

There were a couple of cool places to paddle... 

One of the few non house covered areas...

Notice the fleece shirts.  It was April and COOL temps.  


A reflection shot...

This would probably be a great place for beginners or for families with kids who don't have a lot of endurance.  I am not sure of the boat traffic there during the summer, but given the number of houses I would expect it would be a busy spot.  

Lower Range Pond (State Park), Poland, ME (From September 2012)

*Note:  I paddled here last September but somehow did not post information or pictures at that time.  I was recently asked about this place and realized I had not posted it.  I am choosing to share it now and may revisit this place soon to take some better pictures!

Body of Water: Lower Range Pond, Poland, ME [Maine Gazetteer Map 5,  A3]

Directions (from Portland, ME): From Portland head north on 95 (Maine Turnpike)  and take Exit 63 Gray/New Glouster.  Off the exit bear right into the center of Gray, follow signs for Rt. 26.  (The intersection in Gray is funky, with Rts. 115, Rt. 4, Rt. 26, and Main street, you will be turning left onto Rt. 26.  Stay on Rt 26 for a while.  (I will try to get mileage soon!)  You will pass Maine Widlife Park in Gray Maine, a.k.a. Gray Animal Farm. Once you get into Poland you will want to be watching for the intersection of Rt. 26 and Rt. 122.  Turn Right onto Rt 122.  Watch for signs for the state park.  You will turn left onto a paved road and will stay on that for a bit then turn left onto the Park Road.  

Boat Launch: You unload your kayak in the parking area and then carry it to the beach area to launch.  It is a short distance to walk, but if you are solo you may want a cart of some kind to easily get to the water.  The launch itself is a sandy beach.

Parking: There is a lot of parking.  The parking lot is gravel and depending on how busy, you can park fairly close to where you put in.  Not a great picture, but there are spots to park and plenty of them!

I did see this sign, but didn't see a specific place that was designated for launching... I headed to the beach area and was fine.  I would imagine you could launch a kayak from the beach at any time.  But do note, the sign says Boats are expected to be off the water by 5:30p.m. 

Fees: There are fees to use the park.  I have a state park pass so I do not have to pay, but these are the rates.  (Or they were for 2012)  

Wildlife: Canada geese, loon, birds, & turtles

Notes: There are bathrooms at the park.  I am not sure how late into the fall they are open, or how early in the spring, but they are there.  Because this trip is a little outside of Portland the bathrooms are a great bonus! This park is a popular place for school field trips in the spring and with families with small children.  I was there in mid September and I was one of only a few people there. When I got to the beach there was a flock of Canada geese.  I had heard them land (Wish I had been there to get pictures of that! Timing was off a little!)

The day I was there it was windy, so I decided to put in and head to the right as I had looked at the map and seen that there was more water to explore that way than if I went left.  I stuck to the shore and it was a great paddle.  I was pleasantly surprised that as I paddled to what I thought was the end of the pond, it kept going.  It felt like I was kayaking from pond to pond.  If you look at google earth, enter Range State Park and follow Lower Range Pond and see how far you can go.  I paddled all the way to the bridge which is Poland Corner Road near Plains Road.  Anyway.. despite it being a windy day I found that once I got further away from the wider part of the pond, it was quite peaceful and calm.  There were lots of lilies and various places to explore.  I saw a loon and a heron, both from afar, but was excited to see them.  I did see a couple of other people out paddling, but didn't feel encroached upon at all.  I am not sure if motorized boats are allowed here, I didn't see any, but again it was late in the season for boats.  After I reached my turning point and approached the beach the wind was pretty strong.  I contemplated exploring the other parts of the pond, the part I would have seen if I went left instead of right when facing the water, but decided it was safer to call it a day.  (I was solo and cell reception was limited.)  This is a place that would be good for paddlers of all levels.  People who like to explore different places as you paddle would enjoy it here.  Here are some pictures:
Just a random shot of my Gazzeteer!  (Very useful!) 

After making my way through the geese on the beach I headed up the pond.

This was as close as this loon would get! 

I think this would be a beautiful place to paddle once the foliage begins to change.  

lily pads! 

The not so focused picture of a blue heron...

One of the places, fairly narrow, I got to explore.  I paddled around the log, just liked the way it looked! 

Turtles! You know I love them! 

I like this picture, two turtles swimming under the reflection of my paddle! 

I was impressed at how far these smaller areas went on.  I kept expecting it to end, but it kept going! 

It was a very peaceful paddle.  

Heading back to the bigger part of the lake.  

Seeing the tall reeds makes me think how different this would be in early spring prior to the vegetation growing so much.  

Some fall colors beginning to show.  

Again, this is a place I need to revisit.  I think I would get some better pictures.  I do recommend coming here to paddle.  You could spend a lot of time exploring.  Bring a snack and water and enjoy!  
(I will try to go again this summer/early fall and update the photos and directions/mileage.)  

An added note... if you have children and want to make a day of it, you may want to consider visiting the Maine Wildlife Park.  (My recommendation would be to do the park earlier in the day when the animals are more active.  Also, in hot and humid temperatures I have found the animals hide and stay out of the sun.  Miler days are better to visit the park.  Also, some public libraries offer free passes to the park if you reserve ahead of time!) Here is a link to the park: