Sunday, July 9, 2017

A List of Destinations

 I thought it may be helpful to have a complete list of the places I have included in the blog... I put them in alphabetical order by body of water.   Some locations have multiple posts.  
I hope this is a page people can bookmark and use as a quick reference! 

Some of the locations ARE in the book, but others are just from the blog.  

Blog only destinations are indicated with double asterisks**
As a reminder, you can use the search bar on the blog to find posts!  

The names of destinations are the links to the descriptions of the trips. 


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Runaround Pond - Durham

Body of Water: Runaround Pond, North Pownal, Maine.  [Maine Gazetteer Map 5, B5, close to the edge of the page]

Directions (From Portland, ME):  The direction in the book are more efficient... 295 to the Freeport/Durham Exit, then Rt 136 to Rabbit Road, then straight onto Runaround Pond Road, then the pond is on the right.  (Sorry for no distances!)
 Take the Maine Turnpike (I-95) to Gray, exit 63.
Turn Right to a funky intersection, you want to get on Rt. 115 towards Yarmouth. (You will kind of be going straight through the intersection.) After about 1.5 miles you will turn left onto Depot Rd. Stay on Depot Rd. until it intersects with Rt. 231 take a left onto 231 and take an immediate right onto Allen Rd. (There is no sign that says Allen Rd.) You will be across from Pineland, passing one of their gardens on your left.) Stay on Allen Road until it ends, passing an electrical station, turn right onto Fickett Rd. At next intersection there will be North Pownal General Store. Go straight putting you on Runaround Pond Rd. Runaround Recreational area will be on your left in about two miles.

Boat Launch: Called Runaround Pond Recreational Area, just off Runaround Pond Road.  Launch site is dirt/gravel. 

Parking: Free. There is no formal parking lot, people park along the ‘driveway’ that leads to the boat launch.  There is a good amount of space for parking. 

Wildlife: Turtles, dragonflies, blue herons, deer and ducks.  Also many lily pads! 
 It was the PERFECT summer morning... out on the water with friends enjoying the water! 
The water was so calm! 

I still LOVE going under the bridge and enjoying this area. 

A camera shy heron...

We chose to paddle in the less traveled parts of the pond today and it paid off!  We saw herons, turtles, and 2 deer!  Perfect Morning! 


Monday, July 3, 2017

A newspaper article by sandy and yours truly!

Sandy and I were asked to write a short upbeat article about how to get started in various paddlesports.  We thought it was a tall order but also decided we were up for the challenge.  We wanted to make sure to focus on safety an being a smart paddler...which we believe involves asking other people (who know stuff) for help!  If you are interested here is the link: What you need to know before you get paddling

Hooray for the 4th of July!

My grandmother used to say Hooray for the 4th of July on the 4th of July, and every Christmas.  I am not sure why, but she did.  I think of her fondly every year at this time.  I hope everyone stays safe over the 4th.  I am on vacation at a lake with my family.  (Me, at a lake? Shocking!)  
Gladys and I are working on our kayaking.  We have gone out a couple times and she has done well so far.  I have not dared to venture too far from the house in case we tip over, but am hoping to get a little more under our belts before we head back home. 

Here are some pictures of our adventures.  (Paddling and boating!) 

She was pretty calm... and seemed to prefer to face me.  

She is doing pretty well so far! 

 She LOVES the boat!

She was upset when she thought my dad was going back on the boat without her...

 She is a good girl! 

Happy 4th of July!!  Be safe! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Heading North

School is FINALLY over for the summer!  This means I get a little bit of time off and I cannot wait!  

I will be heading north later this week for some rest, relaxation, and HOPEFULLY getting Miss Gladys to be this calm when the kayak is in the water!  I will be posting photos on social media throughout the trip and will try to go to a new place up there that I can share here.  (I anticipate some images of us tipping over!) 

 Had to get her to turn around threw some treats up there! 

It worked...for a minute!  

So as Gladys and I prepare for our northern adventure I hope you are all enjoying summer on the water!  
Happy Paddling!!

The TV segment

Want to watch the segment on WMTW? 

Click on the link below.  We are in Part 1 starting at about the 8 minute 15 second mark.  

Thanks to Mallory Brooke, Sara & Sean, and WMTW for including paddling in your show!  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Behind The Scenes with WMTW

Tomorrow, June 20th, WMTW is airing a special at 10:00 p.m. about summer recreation in Maine.  
Mallory Brooke reached out to Sandy, my co-author, and I about paddling and filming with us.  Of course the day we filmed was 95 degrees and HUMID, but it was still fun.  
We started at the Songo Locks then headed to Sebago Lake via Sebago State Park and then went to Tenny River.   We did quick stops at the locks and at the state park and then paddled Tenny River in its entirety.   

This was paddling up to the locks. 

The camera man getting a few intro shots of Mallory.  (Sandy in the background.) 

Going through the locks on a paddleboard, canoe,  or kayak is a very cool experience!  

The park ranger shared this image with me, it shows how the whole system works.  Brilliant!  

Paddling out to Sebago from the launch at the state park.  

Sandy getting ready for her interview at the sandbar! 

During her interview I was distracted by the texture in this wood.  

Paddling back to the launch.  

Right near that boat ramp on Crescent Lake. 

A pair of loons...they were looking for a place to nest.  We saw them in a couple of spots that were well protected. 

We made it to Panther Pond as the sun was going down.  

Mallory going through the culvert.

It was a fun experience!  I am excited for the show to air tomorrow!  
(Just keep in mind when I am on camera, it was a thousand degrees, humid, and I had been loading and unloading kayaks just before filming!! Ha!)