Friday, August 14, 2015

Presumpscot Pictures

Presumpscot Photos (Yes I know MORE Presumpscot... it is so close to home that it is one of my most easily accessible location...and it is so beautiful I just have to keep sharing!)  

I hadn't been out in my kayak since my last post because I had my nephews here for a couple of weeks.  We did go on one adventure together in which one of them ended up out of his kayak in the middle of the lake!  (insert plug for bilge pumps here!)  

But I got out on the water last week and truly love the tranquility kayaking brings to my life!  

Love the light through the petals in this one:

These were two red tailed hawks circling and calling out... not sure what was happening. 

Not sure what this is, but I like it!

The way the sun was on the river gave me a different perspective and made it so I could see the bottom of the tunnel, I had not seen that before... wooden boards, big ones!

A turtle with a dragonfly!  Two of my favorite kayaking critters!

Sooo peaceful!  Hope you are all paddling!  And hope you look at my new post The Saco River in Buxton!  It isn't far from this spot and a great place to paddle! 

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