Saturday, July 16, 2016

Google Maps...Did you know?

This morning I am planning a trip for this afternoon.  I am going to go to a new place and am spending time looking into where I want to go.  As I was looking at maps I remembered I had found a feature a while ago that may be helpful to my blog readers and have been meaning to share it with you.  (Many of you may already know this little trick, but for those who don't, it may be helpful!)  So, before I hit the road in hopes of finding some beautiful scenery... I thought I would share...

Did you know that when you use google maps you can view the map with topographical features? 
You can.  And it is pretty Easy.  Here is an example using Moose Pond as an example to show Shawnee Peak topographically.  

Go to google and enter the body of water in the search bar and click on the map. 

When you enter Moose Pond, ME, google takes you to part of the Saco River, but scroll up and you will be able to find Moose Pond.  Once you get Moose Pond situated on your screen where you want it, like this: 

In the upper left part of the screen, notice the three lines to the left of the search bar. 

When you click on those bars you get a menu that looks like this:

If you click  on Terrain it changes the image to this:

This can be helpful in planning where to go.  Sometimes hills can provide protection from windy conditions.  

I hope to have a new post up in the next couple of days, but hope this is a helpful tool for you when planning your adventures!   

Thanks Google!! 

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