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Saturday, November 26, 2016

A new Camera

My kayak is put away for the season... however, if we have a mild December like we did last year I made sure to put it in a place where I can easily access it.  I do promise to post a bit throughout the winter!  I hope that people enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with people you care about.  I was fortunate to be able to spend another Thanksgiving with my family, spent the day with a nice crowd, 42 of us in total!  

I am typically not a person who shops on Black Friday.  I much prefer to be the only person paddling in a quiet stream to being in a brightly lit store with hundreds of people who seem to be on a mission.  This year, however, I have been looking for a new camera.  Sadly after one of my last paddling trips, I dropped my old one.  I have used a Cannon Powershot camera since I started writing the blog.  The first one I bought I chose because it seemed easy to use, was digital, and seemed to be small enough to easily take while paddling.  After a while I wanted to have a camera that I could use to zoom in a bit more, so I upgraded to a newer Powershot.  Now... as of last night, I am the owner of another Powershot, this time it is the SX150IS  (This is my third powershot!)  

Many of you have reached out and asked what I use to take my photos, and I am hoping that my new camera will allow me to continue to take photos worth posting!  

Today I decided to walk around Portland a bit to experiment with my new camera a bit.  I started out taking a short walk in the Fore River Sanctuary and later headed to East End Beach.  
While they are not paddling photos, I hope you enjoy... I tried to capture a bit of the season.  (while playing with the focus!)  

Stay tuned for a BIG announcement in the next couple of weeks... if you follow me on facebook you already know the news... (I am just waiting for an update!) 

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