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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tenny River

In a recent interview I was asked this places are my favorite.  That was a hard question because it depends on the day and what I am looking for.  On Sunday when it was a bit breezy when I left my house I decided Tenny River was my destination.    Tenny is a place I return to frequently.  Here is a link to previous post with directions and details: Click Here. 

Body of Water:  Tenny River/Tenny Stream, connects Crescent Lake to Panther Pond, Raymond/Casco [Maine Gazetteer, Map 5 B2]

Directions (From Portland, Maine): Take Rt. 302 North through North Windham into Raymond. At the intersection of Rt. 302 and Rt. 85, turn right onto Rt. 85. (You will notice a rest area on your left.) Stay on Rt. 85 for about 6+ miles. After going over a small bridge (which is Tenny Stream) the boat landing will be on your right.

Boat launch: Located on Rt. 85, close to the intersection of 85 and Plains Road. This is a small, concrete boat landing, plenty big for kayaks!  People do launch bigger boats from this boat landing.  The boat landing is right next to the road.

Parking: Free.  There is no parking lot.  Vehicles park on the sides of the road along Rt. 85.  There is a small beach area that is fenced off, private for residents I believe, and there is some parking there, not muckhwider than the length of your vehicle.  As with most areas in the Sebago Lake Region, this spot is busier on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

Wildlife: Turtles, ducks, maybe a loon or a Canada goose, and you may see some fish and snails if you look in the water.  There are a lot of plants, and depending on when you go, water lilies.  
Notes:  I had not anticipated paddling Tenny in a brand new kayak, but that's what happened on Sunday.  I had my trusted Loon 138 on the truck and ready to go and then I stopped at Shaker Hill Outdoors...and came away with this beauty! 

Truthfully I had been looking for a while so it wasn't a COMPLETE surprise that I purchased my new Loon 126.  I LOVE it.  The seat is so comfortable, that is really what sold me on it.  I had stopped here about a week and a half earlier and couldn't access Tenny because Crescent Lake was still frozen.  I was happy to see it wide open on Sunday!  As always I followed the shore of Crescent lake to the entrance of Tenny River.  A woodpecker flew over me and landed in a nearby tree.  I think this is a pileated woodpecker... it was big! 

As I approached the tunnel the water was moving pretty quickly, faster than I have seen it.  The paddle through the tunnel was fast! 

After the culvert I paddled over to where I often find pitcher plants and found some.  Thought I am not sure if these are new plants or leftovers from fall..these are carniverous plants, very interesting. 

It was so nice to get here! I love this place.  It is secluded and always full of wildlife, though there was less on this day.  I did see two other paddlers on the river. 

Because it is early in the season the water is high and the reeds have not yet grown in to block some of the most secluded parts of this river.  I got to paddle back in this spot and kept my eyes open for otters as I had seen a pair here a few years ago... no luck! 

As I approached the boyscout camp it looked like they had done some work to the bridge.  It looks nice. 

Paddling out to Panther Pond made it clear that the water was high!  Usually there is a lot more land exposed.  The wind was picking up and I did not venture out into Panther. 

ON my way back from Panther Pond I caught a glimpse of a turtle!!!  Which led to many other turtle sightings! 

I also saw a Canada goose.  I was surprised to see it solo.  In years past I have seen several geese here and know a spot where they often nest.  I saw no signs of a nest, though I think it would be a little early.  I hope they nest again! 

This is a great spot for paddling.  I return here throughout the season so that I can see the changes in vegetation and see more wildlife.  I was happy to be out before the bugs!  

Happy paddling!

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