Monday, June 19, 2017

Behind The Scenes with WMTW

Tomorrow, June 20th, WMTW is airing a special at 10:00 p.m. about summer recreation in Maine.  
Mallory Brooke reached out to Sandy, my co-author, and I about paddling and filming with us.  Of course the day we filmed was 95 degrees and HUMID, but it was still fun.  
We started at the Songo Locks then headed to Sebago Lake via Sebago State Park and then went to Tenny River.   We did quick stops at the locks and at the state park and then paddled Tenny River in its entirety.   

This was paddling up to the locks. 

The camera man getting a few intro shots of Mallory.  (Sandy in the background.) 

Going through the locks on a paddleboard, canoe,  or kayak is a very cool experience!  

The park ranger shared this image with me, it shows how the whole system works.  Brilliant!  

Paddling out to Sebago from the launch at the state park.  

Sandy getting ready for her interview at the sandbar! 

During her interview I was distracted by the texture in this wood.  

Paddling back to the launch.  

Right near that boat ramp on Crescent Lake. 

A pair of loons...they were looking for a place to nest.  We saw them in a couple of spots that were well protected. 

We made it to Panther Pond as the sun was going down.  

Mallory going through the culvert.

It was a fun experience!  I am excited for the show to air tomorrow!  
(Just keep in mind when I am on camera, it was a thousand degrees, humid, and I had been loading and unloading kayaks just before filming!! Ha!) 

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