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Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Blog 'Spin - Off'...

So.. when television shows take some of the 'smaller' characters and start a new show about them... it is called a spin off... with that in mind I decided to do a 'spin-off' blog... Over the years I have shared some 'non- paddling' posts here... and will probably continue to do so, but... there are times where I feel like this blog should maintain the focus of kayaking/paddling... 

But... I am working to be active in other ways... and one thing this blog has taught me is that we all have things that we love and things we want to love... I have met people who had never paddled and have met people with more paddling experience than me... and they are all, you are all, amazing people!  Sharing my love of paddling with you has been very fulfilling for me, in many ways.  It has led to a lot of opportunities.  I also have listened a lot... to what other people have shared with me about paddling...and about other sports/activities.  I also know that the things I experience are not unique to me.  Other people struggle with body image and weight.. and often say no to things they have always wanted to do because of those self doubts... I appreciate that people have shared that the style of the blog, of my writing, comes across as welcoming and that people have felt that my paddling adventures are 'do-able' because of the way I have described them.  I am humbled by that.  

So... I want to share some of my other adventures... selfishly- writing is something that has always been therapeutic for me.  It is a way for me to get thoughts out of my head and make sense of them.  As I am getting healthier I am finding my mindset is the key... approaching life with a motto of 'adventure awaits' vs. adventure awaits for those fit enough, strong enough, good enough, brave enough... has been empowering for me.  Saying YES to adventures is something that has helped me experience more things and has given me more courage to keep saying yes.  
And... I hope that maybe some of what I will share will resonate with other people and maybe empower other people to take care of themselves, say yes to adventures, and believe in themselves a bit more... without sounding too egotistical... maybe people will say 'if MaineKayakGirl can do it, so can I.'    While I have lost a lot of weight I still have a long way to go to consider myself as a 'fit' person.  I am still a 'big girl' and while I am the healthiest I have been in years... I still have goals... along with some self doubt and reservations!  

So if you want to join me on my non-paddling adventures, check out my new blog: 

I would love to have you follow my adventures, give feedback (always with kindness of course!), share your own stories, and suggest places to go or activities to do. 

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