Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Eastern River, Dresden Maine

I apologize for not having my normal format to describe my paddling adventures, but that is because I put in at a friend's house and am unsure of a public launch site... but I will look to see if I can find one.  The river is tidal, and at low tide getting out of the kayak would be a challenge because of the mud... we made it back before low low tide, but the water had gone down and it was a bit of a challenge getting back up the hill to my friend's house.

Not far from her house, in Richmond, I did see a public boat launch, for the Kennebec River.  That would also be a nice paddle...

It was beautiful.  There were 5-6 eagles, including two young ones.  We also saw some herons and cormorants who escaped my camera!  Here are some pictures.

I love summer in Maine!  Hope you are out in your kayak!  

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