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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Runaround Pond! (Again!)

Body of Water: Runaround Pond, North Pownal, Maine.  [Maine Gazetteer Map 5, B5, close to the edge of the page]

Directions (From Portland, ME): 

Take Durham exit off 295, take Route 126 to Rabbit Road at intersection stay straight onto Runaround Pond Road and the Runaround Recreation area will be on your right. 

Boat Launch:   Launch site is dirt/gravel. Gradual put in. 

Parking: Free. There is no formal parking lot, people park along the ‘driveway’ that leads to the boat launch.  There is a good amount of space for parking.  
** There is an outhouse here, but was not open today.  

Wildlife: Turtles, dragonflies, blue herons, ducks, beavers, deer, osprey, and more.  Also many lily pads as the season goes on!   
First and foremost...

 Paddling people are good people!  Today I got to meet this lovely lady, Cynthia!  Cynthia has been a blog follower for a while!  She was getting off the water as I was getting ready to get on the water.  We started chatting, as we paddlers often do, and we learned she 'knew' me though she did not recognize me from the photos I have posted here.  (Sometimes my height gives me away!)  It is ALWAYS fun to meet people in person who have followed the blog or on other social media or who have bought the book... (though I have a special place in my heart for the blog followers because I feel like this is where it all began!)   So nice to meet you Cynthia!! 

The other woman I got to hang out with today is none other than's Shannon Bryan.   If you are unfamiliar with Shannon, please stop now and click on the link so you can check out what she does.  In a nutshell she takes all Maine activities and encourages us all to get out and enjoy this beautiful state in which we live!  Did you click the link yet? DO IT!  As you can tel from the photo, she has a big personality and a heart to match!

We got to enjoy a great afternoon on the water!  This time of year the days are getting so much longer!  We hit the water around 4 and got off the water around 7:30, just as that perfect evening lighting had arrived!  Paddling at that time of day made me realize that it IS possible for me to get on the after after work some nights...  I would need to bring Gladys (Who will be paddling with me soon!)  on the after work paddles, but that works!! But there is time... I need to do that!  

Anyway.. back to Runaround Pond!  
If you haven't been here, you should go.  As far as ponds go, it isn't what you might expect.  It isn't round and it doesn't look the same at all of its edges... it's shaped kind of like a Y and there are lots of places to explore, especially early in the season.  As the season progresses the reeds will block some of your access.  

The sky was amazing today! 

This is Shannon paddling through the tunnel that connects the pond to a gorge like area... 

 Gorge Selfie!  (Not to be mistaken with GORGEOUS selfie!... ) 

Here is Shannon showing off her brut strength... I cannot be sure, but I believe I  heard her declare at one point, "I am strong like bull."  but this has not been confirmed!

The sun felt sooo good... and yes I wore sunscreen! 

Whoever owns this canoe... LUCKY!  Great spot to put in and what a great pond to have access to! 

Yup, there were turtles! 

And jokers!  ha!  

At one end of the Y (The right side) our path was blocked by a pretty ambitious beaver dam.  

At one point I got 'beached' and was in the muck!  (Don't worry, I got out!) 

This is my NEW paddle!  A WERNER carbon shaft paddle.   I have been having some minor shoulder issues and have been going to physical therapy (also amazing people!)  and it is getting better. I bought a lighter paddle to try to help... and it was a reward for some personal goals as well as an upcoming birthday!  So far I really like it.  I think I could have gone with the next size down, but I really like it!


More turtles!

Turtles and Yurtles? Nope Turtles and Yurts!  Maine Forest Yurts to be exact! If you ever wanted to stay in a YURT, this could be your spot.  Happens to be owned by a winner of Survivor! 

Shannon... not realizing she was being photographed...hence no pose was struck! 

There seems to be a lot of beaver activity... we caused two tail slaps today...

After the second beaver slap we headed back to the launch site... 

I had forgotten there were picnic tables here... what a nice spot! 

Before getting off the water we had to once again go into the gorge...

Oh... there was this... Shannon came to the party armed... armed with a squirt gun and got me pretty good... and then... she gave me my own!!  OH YEAH!  We had a good time and this is now coming with me on all paddles... be forewarned, I am armed and dangerous! 

I LOVE this part of this paddle!  

This was at the end of the paddle, look at that light!! 

Happy Paddling!  

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  1. Love that late afternoon slanted light and the calming effect end of day has on waterways and wind. And the Squirt Gun fun made me laugh as I read it. Shannon's a hoot! Maine is lucky to have the great information in FIT MAINE to consolidate all the outdoor happenin's going on year round!