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One opportunity that the blog has brought me is the co-authoring of a guidebook, Paddling Southern Maine! It is something in which I take a lot of pride! My writing partner, Sandy Moore, and I have created a book with 54 amazing trips that are within about an hour of Portland! Our motto as we wrote the book was wanting to 'get people to spend the day on the water and not in their cars!'

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Try It... You just may like it!!

This coming weekend there are TWO awesome opportunities for people to try paddling gear and learn more about all paddlesports. 

Both events are happening throughout the weekend....... If you are not sure which one to attend, why not go to both? Sandy and I will both be at LLBean's on Saturday and on Sunday Sandy will be at Beans in Freeport and I will be up in Poland with Shaker Hill!

I will start with the place where I spent a good chunk of my time on Monday, Shaker Hill Outdoors! 

Shaker Hill Outdoors is having their Demo Weekend!  Click HERE to learn more! 
These guys have a HUGE selection of paddling gear, everything from sit in and sit on top kayaks, to paddleboards, to hybrids (paddleboards with seats!), and even those kayaks that you pedal!  (I am surely going to try one of those on Sunday!!)   
These guys also sell paddles, replacement seats, safety equipment and more!  
I will be there on SUNDAY, trying some different kayaks, saying hello, having fun  AND selling/signing books!   Please make sure to say hello. 

I went up there on Monday looking for some help in problem solving.  I am debating about getting a new to me tandem kayak for when I take Gladys with me.  Russ and Greg spent A LOT of time with me, showing me some options, including one they are going to make sure to bring on Sunday for me to try.  In addition to sales they also are pretty clever with thinking outside the box in terms of making adjustments to the inventory they have to make it work for people.  

You cannot go wrong with these guys!  If you have a special craft in mind that you have been thinking about and really want to see what it is like on the water, this weekend is your chance!  
Give them a call this week and ask if they can make sure to have one of what you are looking for available to try out this weekend!  
Call (207) 998-5390 for more information! 

To get to the demo location, Middle Range Pond at Cyndi's Dockside Restaurant in Poland, Jump on the turnpike, get off at Exit 63 (Gray), follow the signs for Rt 26 and stay on Rt. 26 passing Shaker Village then passing Shaker Hill Outdoors on your left.  Drive for another 2.2 miles and Cyndi's will be on the left!
 (Because they are also a great landscaping company you can also, like I did, walk away with a beautiful hanging plant for your home!) 

The second GREAT paddling event this weekend is LLBean's annual Paddlesports Weekend.  Their weekend activities are kicking off on Friday evening with a film festival.  Then Saturday and Sunday you can engage with different vendors to learn more about equipment AND there are opportunities to try various gear as well.  

Check out all they have to offer  this weekend by clicking HERE.  
Sandy will be there all day Saturday and Sunday.  I will be up there late morning on Saturday through the afternoon.  We will be there talking about our book and hopefully getting a chance to say hi to some of you who are reading this!  Please make sure to find us and say hello! 

LLBean is part of Maine's recreational traditions and history.  
We were fortunate enough to be a part of this event last year and really enjoyed it.  
Check out the pamphlet in the link above! 

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