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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Destinations (61 different places)... Updated!

About a year ago, I put together a list, complete with links, to all of the destinations included in the blog.  Since that time I have added some places and wanted to share them in a list to hopefully help people find places easily/quickly.

Listed Alphabetically, by body of water.  Some locations have multiple posts.
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(There are 61 places here, mostly in southern Maine but I am working to get more places in more areas!) 

Some of the locations ARE in the book, but others are just from the blog.  

Blog only destinations are indicated with double asterisks**
As a reminder, you can use the search bar on the blog to find posts!
(search for name of towns or name of waterbody!)  

The names of destinations are the links to the descriptions of the trips. 


     And again... And Again
   Or Here, 

   And Here

Eastern River - Dresden **

Ferry Beach - Scarborough** 
(I know it's the name of the beach and not the name of the Water... Nonesuch River)

 Or Here 

  Or Here

    Or Here 
        Or Here

Presumpscot River - Gorham  

Presumpscot River - Gorham/Windham **

Presumpscot River - Windham **
(New Launch on same stretch of the River as Shaw Park in Gorham) 

  or Here, 
      Or Here,  and Here ,  And here,  And Here,   And Here,


   Or Here

   Or Here , Or Here,

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